Mission Statement

Holy Trinity is a Church of England Junior School with its ethos and teaching founded on Christian values and the belief that individuals are created by God and precious in His sight. Our mission statement is simply

‘Wanting the best for each member of the school – within a Christian environment, gladly working in partnership with each other, with home, church and the community – led by the hand of God’.


 Aims …

 the rationale for all that we do

  • To create a happy school in which pupils work hard and learn well, within a Christian environment
  • To foster Christian standards and values in every aspect of education
  • To develop in children a sense of awe and wonder at the world around them
  • To help children to become caring and responsible citizens who have positive attitudes towards the well being of themselves and others
  • To respect the dignity and cultural inheritance of each child
  • To provide equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, class and ability
  • To see all children as individuals and help them achieve their full potential
  • To develop in children respect for other people and their surroundings
  • To create a secure, purposeful and stimulating environment for personal and academic development
  • To enable children to achieve their potential and provide opportunities appropriate to each child’s needs
  • To celebrate self esteem and build up confidence by reacting positively to children and their work
  • To equip children to become independent learners and develop skills to make informed decisions
  • To promote constructive relationships between governors, staff, parents and the church and wider community
  •   To actively encourage parental involvement, perspectives and assistance