Anti Bullying

Anti-Bullying Week  November 2016

The theme of this week’s national anti-bullying week was ‘Power for Good’.

As part of their Personal, Social, Health Education lessons (PSHE), the children have taken part in lessons where they have explored the effects of bullying on those involved and how they should respond to bullying. The children have also revisited our Golden Rules and their meaning and focussed in particular on being respectful and understanding how others feel. This is an ongoing part of the curriculum, therefore the children discuss these issues frequently and the prevention of bullying is not just a focus for this week.

During the week a theatre company visited the school to perform the ‘Power of One’. This involved a series of sketches that showed the negative effects of different types of bullying, the roles that people play that make bullying possible, and what each child can do to prevent bullying from happening in school. Following on from the performance the children were asked to sign a poster board pledging that they will not allow bullying to happen in our school and that everyone can enable this to happen. The poster will be displayed in school and reads as follows:

 I will not bully others
 I will not stand by while others are bullied
 I will report and deal with bullying whenever I see it
 Because I have the Power of One

During the week, the Behaviour for Learning team led an assembly and reminded the children on what bullying is and how it is different from a friendship fallout:

Bullying is:

·          causing someone hurt over time - it is repeated

·         deliberate - it is not accidentally hurting someone or upsetting them by something you say or do

·         not an ‘even’ or ‘fair’ situation – there may be several people with the bully or they may be bigger or older, or have some kind of ‘hold’ over the target

They also talked to the children about what they should do if they or someone they know is being bullied and what happens in our school when bullying is reported. 

This procedure is explained in our Anti-Bullying policy which can be found on our school website. If any child or parent raises a concern over bullying this is passed on to a member of the Senior Leadership Team to investigate. All allegations will be followed up according to an accepted definition of bullying (NSPCC 2010). The children and the parents of all involved (both of the victim and the accused perpetrator) will be kept informed of the investigation and outcome.