Huge thanks to PFOS for their funding towards our many visitors and to parents for buying books. We earned over £600 of commission which we are spending on books for classrooms.

Huge thanks also go to Mrs Broers for organising all this in her role as English co-ordinator. Brilliant!

Book Week


Book Week underwent a bit of a change this year, taking place in the first week back after the Christmas holidays. January is usually rather a depressing month but we had a brilliant start to the year!

On the Monday morning the children in Years 4,5 & 6 heard from a BBC screen writer, Nick Handel, who has been involved with programmes such as Dr Who and Children in Need. Then he worked with the three Y6 classes. The pupils learned how to use story boards and changed the character and setting to create their own story. Mr Handel was very impressed with our pupils and said they compared very well to secondary groups he had worked with.

On Tuesday we were visited by the Quantum Theatre group who performed ‘The Story that Wrote Itself’, which was watched by all the children. This proved to be a great success and taught the children aspects of grammar for their writing in a way that helped them really remember what they had learnt!

On Wednesday we had the famous poet Brian Moses, to perform  poetry and percussion with the children. The children really responded well to this and found it very “imaginative and entertaining” (to quote some Year 5 and 6 children). It also inspired the children for the whole school poetry competition on Friday afternoon! Brian performed several of his poems, used percussion and moved amongst the children in the hall.  The children and staff loved it! He donated several signed copies of his books to school and children also bought their own copies after school.

On Thursday we were visited by the writer of Beowuff, Robin  Price, who managed to help the children to imagine a Viking raid and created a story around that. He worked with Year 4 and 5 children in class and one child whom he praised for her story said that to be praised by a real author was “just amazing!”

That afternoon we were joined by Mrs Janet Roberts, author of the Chico Chugg stories  who also spoke to the whole school and proved to be very popular. Some children visited the Chico Chugg website afterwards and submitted their own stories.

As well as these two visitors, Ian Brown from Helen O’Grady Drama ran workshops for each Y3 class. These are always popular and Mr Brown said the Year 3s were great fun to work with.

Finally, on Friday, we had a summary of the week in assembly and then another highlight of the year—our whole school poetry competition. This is where the children learn a poem off by heart and say it to their class. Two children from each class are chosen to perform to the whole school and recitations are ‘judged’ by a select panel. All the children spoke superbly and it was really brilliant to see and hear everyone’s responses.

It was a really great start to the term and has inspired the children to read and write across a range of genres.  The visitors were all very complimentary about the pupils’ behaviour and their engagement with all the learning.

Thank you to all the parents who supported us by coming in and seeing authors and buying books. It was really heartening to hear such positive feedback from parents in conversations at the gate, about just how much their children have enjoyed the week and learning their poems (especially from Year 3 parents for whom this is all new).