Links with other Church of England Schools

In Sutton
We are one of four Church of England Schools in the London Borough of Sutton. As head teachers we meet together from time to time to support each other and discuss current issues in education. We were formerly part of Surrey County Council but this changed in the 1950s.

In the Diocese of Southwark
Holy Trinity is also part of the Southwark Diocese which ranges from Greenwich to Redhill and Kingston! The Southwark Board of education, based in Union Street in London, facilitiates training, support, advice and meetings for all of the Church of England Schools in Southwark, both Primary age and Secondary age. It is a superb support.

The wider community: Arundel, Bradford and Zimbabwe.
In order that the children appreciate that they are part of a much wider community, with church links and more, we are currently seeking to make links with Arundel Church of England Primary School, a Church of England School in Bradford and one in Zimbabwe (because Croydon parish supports and is linked with Zimbabwe).

Churches That Support Our School





Three churches support our school
At Holy Trinity Junior we are extremely fortunate to be supported by 3 churches. These three churches are:
Holy Trinity on Malden Road, Wallington
St Patrick’s on Park Hill, Wallington
Springfield (who meet in Wallington Girls’ School)

This means that: …we have access to the ministers, youth workers and all the organisations that are run in the churches and our whole school community is welcome to join in with any of them

Reverend Howard Bannister and our history
The closest church to our school is Holy Trinity on Malden Road and it is thanks to their minister Reverend Howard Banister, that there was a vision for the school to be expanded around 1938 in order to meet the specification of Surrey County Council (at the time) to accommodate approximately 400 children. Originally, our school hall was called the Howard Bannister hall in his memory as he died before it was finished.

Each year the whole school goes to church four times.
Year 3 lead our Christmas service
Year 4 lead our Easter service
Year 5 lead our Harvest Service
Year 6 lead our Leavers’ Service

Parents are welcome and the church is usually very full.

Our ‘Church Community’ Board
In our corridor from the office to the hall we have a Church Community notice board where we display information about the three churches that support us because they hold lots of different groups that children and parents are most welcome to be involved with.

  •  Holy Trinity run a lunch club every Wednesday for the elderly; they run their Boys’ Brigade in our school on a Friday evening here at the school; they have toddlers groups and fortnightly friendship groups to name a few.
  • St Patrick’s run a mum’s group once per week with a fully staffed crèche, a dad’s breakfast once per month, have a contact list for those who may be struggling with life, a knit and stitch group once per month as well as their extensive youth work.
  •  Springfield also has extensive youth work and lots of events for people to join in with. Feel free to have a good look at their website to find out more.

Each church also has a group for those who want to go along and ask questions about the Christian faith.

The local church websites – feel free to have a look and go along. - Holy Trinity Church - St Patricks Church - Springfield Church

Assemblies on a Tuesday and a Thursday
Every Tuesday youth workers from the local areas come to lead assemblies and on Thursday local church ministers come in to lead assembly. The children enjoy the variety this gives.

Southwark Diocese and Croydon Parish – we belong to both and benefit hugely from support of all kinds (advice, training, resources etc.)  from the Southwark Board of Education - Southwark Board of Education

Financial Support
As a Church of England School we are termed a voluntary aided school. This means that the Southwark Diocese is responsible for our building and we manage it. The local churches contribute significantly to our maintenance fund. Each September we also ask each family to contribute approximately £30 to this fund towards the upkeep of the building.