Walking to School

Walking to School and Road Safety

Everyone is encouraged to walk to school.

Most of our children and some staff live locally and are able to walk. The school council promotes the Walk to School initiative and each child records daily how they travel to school. There is a monthly prize and badge for the class with the majority who walk.

The school council has also worked out a 5 minute walk radius of the school where parents are encouraged to park in roads other than Bute Road and walk to school from there. Bute Road is too busy between 8.40a.m. and 9a.m. and again between 3.15pm and 3.40pm

Have a look at Sutton’s Walk to School Link.

Road Safety

Please drive extra safely in Bute Road, especially at ‘drop-off’ and ‘pick-up’ times.

If it is necessary to drive to school…

Please DO:

  • Park safely and let your child out of the car at the kerb side of the car.
  • Park considerately with the neightbours in mind.
  • Make sure your child crosses the road safely
  • Make sure your child waits sensibly on the path outside school, allowing others on the path to be able to pass

Please DON’T:

  • Park on the yellow lines outside the school because it reduces drivers’ visibility of the children and creates traffic jams.
  • Let your child out of the car in the middle of the road …because it’s dangerous for your child if another car is in the road
  • Park across the entrance /exit to neighbours’ houses
  • Park in the alley way next to the school…because you may be fined for doing so.
  • Let your child run across the road anywhere